Northport Chiropractic and Natural Healthcare Centre

"I had bad knee pain in my right knee. I could barely extend it all the way out. Dr. Dennehy  performed an acupuncture technique combining laser and sound and I immediately felt pain relief and had regained 80% of my strength.  I could run and squat without pain.  After a few more treatments I was back to about 90% health on my knee."

Adam O.

"I was skeptical about having any success with this process - but Dr. Dennehy walked confidently into the office and he said, 'I can help you. I can get rid of this pain'...and he did. Dr. Dennehy calls it the IDD machine, but I call it the stretcher because it actually stretches out that lower back. I love that machine."

Viola S.

"After being in pain for 30 years due to a severe low back injury when I was 17 years old, I was in a desperate state. The pain in my back and legs was getting so bad that I was contemplating retiring from my successful Chiropractic practice. In desperation I contacted my friend, Dr. John Dennehy, to see if he could help me.

After several weeks of treatment, I noticed that I no longer had the horrible pain in my right leg when I drove the car and I am no longer struggling to get through the day at my office. The excellent treatment given to me by Dr. Dennehy has given me a new lease on life and hope for the future. It is a blessing from God to have my life back and I owe a great debt of gratitude to Dr. Dennehy. "

Dr. Mark E. Howell

Past-President Missouri State Chiropractors Association

Below is a complete list of the procedures offered here at Northport Chiropractic and Natural Healthcare Centre. Each patient is different and therefore treatments are customized to your specific needs. We perform simple testing to decide which procedures will most readily resolve your condition while giving you the option to choose which ones are best suited for you. We encourage your involvement in the decision making process. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.